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Premature Baby Incubator Safe Clothing Premature Baby Incubator Safe Clothing
Premature babies in NICU and SCBU have different clothing needs to full term babies. This is because a premature babies outer layer of skin (the epidermis) can be wafer thin and not well attached to the lower level of skin (the dermis). As a result the babies delicate skin can easily be damaged.

NICU staff take special precautions to protect very premature babies skin and prevent damage. Babies are handled with the gentlest of touch, the baby’s skin is often covered with a special ointment that helps protect the skin from damage; it serves as a barrier to germs, and reduces loss of heat and water. The staff may try to avoid using tape but if they must, they use a protective barrier between the tape and the infant’s skin.

It usually does not take much time for a premature baby’s skin to get stronger, however, even the special measures described above are not always sufficient to prevent skin irritation and breakdown of skin tissue in some babies.

Clothing for premature babies in NICU and SPCU needs to allow the medical staff quick and easy access and when it comes to dressing and undressing the baby, thus minimizing the disturbance and reducing the risk of skin damage.

Our NICU bodysuits have been designed specifically for premature babies in incubators. They open out flat so that the baby can be placed onto the back of the bodysuit and the front panels brought around the baby and fastened at the side via Velcro. The crotch can then be fastened up via nickel free poppers. At Prem2Pram our NICU and SCBU bodysuits (vests) are sized to fit premature babies up to 1½ lbs to 3lbs.

Picture of a NICU Bodysuit

Our NICU incubator safe premature baby sleepsuits are footless to accommodate a pulse oximeter, which is a small device that is placed on a baby’s foot and held in place using stretchy bandage. This device has a light sensor to establish that baby has sufficient oxygen in his or her blood. This sensor does not harm the baby in any way. It enables the medical staff determine whether the baby needs more or less oxygen, while reducing the need for painful blood tests.

Picture by Eric C Snowdeal III

Our NICU safe sleepsuit is also designed to open out fully to offer the same benefits as our bodysuits, with easy side and front openings ensuring NICU staff quick and easy access for the safest and delicate dressing of the baby. Available in White, blue and pink in size 2-3lbs

Picture of a NICU safe sleepsuit

Our NICU premature baby dress has been specifically designed for babies in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) with its easy side openings it offers medical staff quick and easy access just like the other items in the Prem2Pram store. The dress opens out flat at one shoulder allowing the baby to be placed onto the back panel of the dress, the front panel is then brought forward and over the baby to simply fasten at the opposite side. Available in sizes 1-2lbs and 2-3lbs.

Picture of a NICU - SCBU Dress

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Neonatal premature baby starter set size 2-3lbs
Neonatal premature baby starter set size 2-3lbs
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